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My Username is cocopops7. Thanks for taking time to view my profile. If you like what you see it would be great to hear from you. It's free to register and message each other, so what have you got to lose!
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iv done my profile a little diff read from general intrests and places visited for info on me and fav film for info on what im looking for cheers. x


let me start off by saying im 22 and have an amazing smile that lights up rooms lol only joking, but it is a very nice smile. i love my really straight teath there my fav part of my body.im still very much full life allthough im begining to settle down now, i love watching movies, and documentories like animals and space and stuff. im not a dork so don't go thinking im a wierdo yet lol, i enjoy spending time outside in my back garden in my own house. i live here with my mate marc who isn't that


bad looking either actually. im a really good cook. i love cooking chicken with motzerela (im clever but can't spell) wrapped in bacon thats really nice. im easy to talk to and love cuddling, erm im confedent and not afraid to show te real me or to show my feelings even in a public place. i have a girlfriend but we never seem to get on, i think were im starting to settle down she still wants to mess around. i dont have a job atm but im very good with my hands and have layed flooring, been in healt & safety,sales, customer service...list goes on lol, im good looking but im vein so... :-) you tell me.


well like i said iv just moved to lower earley and i dont know anyone yet. im looking for some friends to chill with in the week and weekends and stuff, i like good looking girls but if im honest sometime you intimidate me lol. i like funny open girls and you have to be a gimp, and by that i mean clever but miss understood, a really cute girl with not alot of comensence lol but still clever. erm must love movies and be open to talk, cus im very open, and i don't really thik before i talk lol.


ask me for anything else, im very easy to talk to. xx



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